Saturday, 28 May 2011

Karen's Summer Chick Lit Challenge

My friend Karen, fellow booklover and talented book publicist in Toronto,  recently proposed a summer reading challenge that promises to be a lot of fun.

The goal is to read as many chick lit novels as humanely possible for the entire summer. My favourite chick lit author of all time is Marian Keyes. I don't read a lot of chick lit these days, but I've enjoyed Jane Green and Sophie Kinsella in the past and it looks like there is no shortage of chick lit options. Bring it on I say!

In Karen's words we're looking for titles that are "pure, unadulterated, fluffy chick lit". 

The first book on our list is Something Borrowed. So far it totally fits the bill and I'm starting to think about the next title. 

Would anyone like to join us? You can read at your own pace, and we can share ideas and compare reading lists at different stages during the summer. 

We would love to hear suggestions from you!


  1. I just stumbled upon this blog today, and I am actually doing the same thing - this is going to be the summer of chick lit for me! Would love to participate in the fun!

    Because I am going to see Something Borrowed this coming Tuesday, I have moved it up on my reading list (even though I've had the book for ages). Sushi for Beginners is also on there, and I just finished This Charming Man. I've got to go through my stack of chick lit titles and see just how many I've got!

  2. This is great to hear! If you've got a list then I would love to share it! I'm going to ask around a bit before the next post.
    If you like chick lit you will LOVE Sushi For Beginners. I also liked The Charming Man too.
    I'm almost finished Something Borrowed now and hopefully I'll see the movie soon too.

  3. I may try to get a few chick lit titles into my summer reading, but I'm backlogged as it is right now!

  4. Totally understand. I don't know how you even find time to read with running, training, blogging and working and being a mom!


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