Sunday, 27 February 2011

My first "pick of the week" is Joy Fielding's "Now You See Her"

Joy Fielding has delivered again.  Yesterday I was reading the Globe & Mail and noticed a mention of her new book "Now You See Her" which has just hit the shelves. I immediately ran out to buy a copy. People who know me are aware that I know "a few" people who work for her publisher and I could probably have begged to have a copy sent to me -  so believe me when I say that "I love Joy Fielding". I finished her book in less than 24 hours because she is so good at writing page turners. Though there is always a good plot in her books, it is her characters and the familial relationships that always drive me to want to know what happens to everyone in the end. The mother, daughter (and sister) dynamic in this particular novel combined with all of the psychological and physical drama made this book a pleasure to read.

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