Saturday, 12 March 2011

Little Princes: One Man’s Promise To Bring Home The Lost Children

Last night during dinner, a friend told me that she was really enjoying a  book called Little Princes. She said "it is so good you wouldn’t believe that it is a true story".  And "it reads like fiction".

This wasn’t the first time I had heard about this book. Little Princes has certainly been getting a lot of great buzz. 

I’ve always felt that it was wrong to write about a book if I hadn’t either bought a copy yet or started reading it. (Even worse to interview an author if you haven't read the book, I swear this is where I draw the line.)

At the same time I think it is important to get the word out when a great book is first out, and is still relatively new. And Little Princes is an important book that really deserves to be mentioned.  It has been receiving amazing reviews for good reason, and is currently #1 on the Globe & Mail’s bestseller list.  

The book is about author, Conor Grennan’s journey that began with a three-month stint volunteering at the Little Princes Children’s Home, an orphanage in war-torn Nepal.  He was overcome by the herd of rambunctious, resilient children who would challenge and reward him in a way that he had never imagined. When Conor learned the unthinkable truth about their situation, he was stunned.

The children were not orphans at all. Child traffickers were promising families in remote villages to protect their children from the civil war—for a huge fee—by taking them to safety. They would then abandon the children far from home, in the chaos of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. For Conor, what began as a footloose adventure becomes a commitment to reunite the children he had grown to love with their families. 

You can learn more about this truly amazing story on author Conor Grennan’s website HERE

Thanks to Holly for mentioning this one to me. I will definitely buy a copy soon!

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