Thursday, 3 March 2011

A voyage to Morocco with author Jane Johnson

I’ve officially had it with this weather. I was saving my copy of The Salt Road for the train ride to Ottawa later this month, but I think instead I’ll crack it open tonight and be swept away on a Moroccan adventure. It will be hot and sunny and with Jane Johnson as my tour guide, I’m sure it will be magical.

The Salt Road is Jane Johnson’s second novel set in Morocco. Her first, The Tenth Gift was a bestseller in Canada. Both books are historical fiction. I remember staying up late to finish The Tenth Gift  (my friend Stacey loved it too) so I expect that there will be a lot less blogging and a lot more reading over the next couple of days! 

Here is an excerpt from a recent Globe and Mail review of The Salt Road:

For readers looking to experience a shifting, disappearing world, and to be introduced to an exotic culture with evocative descriptions, The Salt Road is an exhilarating ride. Part historic and part contemporary, with universal themes of betrayal, love, and the anguish caused by human greed, it has an ending rich and fulfilling enough for those who like all their questions answered.

Jane Johnson is also a fascinating person. Visit her website here to find out why!


  1. Just found your blog, loving it, you have featured a number of books I have read and cherished. I will be following your reading list to see what I will be reading next.

    I read the Tenth Gift and so enjoyed her discovery of Morrocco and so many other things. I need to go find this new novel.

  2. Hi Natasha,

    Thank you so much. Your comments mean so much to me!

    It is great to hear that you loved the Tenth Gift. I should also tell you that I had the opportunity to meet the author a few years ago and she is a wonderful person.

    I am enjoying her new book. I hope you will too.

    Keep in touch!