Monday, 7 March 2011

The Rocker Can Write

I keep hearing that Life by rock and roll legend Keith Richards (with James Fox) is a very good autobiography.

A few of my cool new friends on Twitter have tweeted about it (well they’re not exactly my friends yet....but I follow them).

  Here are a couple of excerpts from recent reviews:

"One of the greatest rock memoirs ever....The title of Richards' book is a simple, accurate description on the contents: the 66-year-old guitarist's highs, lows and death-defying excesses, from birth to now, vividly related in his natural pirate-hipster cadence and syntax."   
- David Fricke, Rolling Stone

This one from Seattle PI was excerpted on The Huffington Post’s website:

“As an avid reader of music biographies, many of them suffer from being ghost written and too factual. This is definitely an exception. Keith's personality and attitude comes across in the book really really well, and we are given a wonderful insight into one of the most interesting characters of the 20th Century."
And if you are  a fan of the memoir genre, take  a look at this compelling article on memoirs by Jennifer Lauck, author of Blackbird (LOVED).

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  1. I just looked up this book on Amazon for the Kindle. It's $0.99. SCORE!!
    Gonna download and read it :)