Sunday, 10 April 2011

Improve Your Writing With These Two Books

I recently received the perfect gift from a cousin who knows me well. A gift card for Indigo Books and one for the movies.

I decided to buy a couple of books that I will use often.

If you do a lot of writing at work or enjoy blogging then you'll also find these two books extremely useful.

The Yahoo! Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook For Writing, Editing, And Creating Content For The Digital World

I've been using an older version of this book for years, and should probably refer back to it more often than I do. It is great for checking things like titles, punctuation and grammar. 

And I just went to see  The Lincoln Lawyer. It was a really suspenseful thriller. I enjoyed it a lot. A definite "must see". 


  1. I'm reminded that I have Indigo Gift Cards too! So I think I will use them to buy the Yahoo Style guide.

  2. Yes, it is really useful! Lots of great information, word lists and practice exercises.