Monday, 13 June 2011

Chick Lit Challenge Update

It has now been a few weeks since Karen in Toronto proposed the BBTO summer chick lit reading challenge and it is proving to be a bit of a "challenge".... at least for me. 

Karen and I both recently finished Something Borrowed and neither one of us really loved it. Karen felt that the level of deceit among the three main characters (two best female frenemies and one two timing male) was ridiculous. I have to agree and say that there was nothing redeeming in this novel and that neither Karen or I are running out to buy Something Blue. The characters in the story violate the strongest type of code between girlfriends and it really left a bad taste.

Next on Karen's list is Jane Eyre. Classic chick lit and a great choice.
CityGirl is totally on top of the Chick Lit challenge. Some new reviews and suggestions are now up on her blog.

I recently started reading One Day and recognize that I'm having a bit of reader's block these days and not really enjoying much at all. I heard so many GREAT things about this book and under normal circumstances it would be my kind of novel - but nothing is really hitting the right notes with me this month. 

I confess that I strayed from the chic lit genre and read a couple of mysteries and they didn't do it for me either. A sign that it is time to spend a few days catching up on People, Star and US magazines before attempting to read any new books. This rarely  happens but when it does it is time to take a small break.

There was an interesting article in the Globe and Mail this weekend about chick lit. I liked the article because it mentions the fact that chick lit can mean a wide range of things for female readers. I like the term the literary agent in the article mentions "accessible women's fiction".

How's the chick lit challenge going for everyone else? 

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