Saturday, 9 July 2011

My Summer Reads

I've been a bad blogger this month. I've been reading a lot, but for some reason (maybe the weather) I've been neglecting BBTO.

My last couple of blogs were about the BBTO Chick Lit Challenge and it really proved to be a challenge because I just couldn't get into it. Was anyone able to stick with it?

Here are a few of the books that I've been enjoying:

I read a good novel called Maine which will appeal to most women. It is about the dynamics of a family of three generations of women who are all very different - yet similar in many ways. The family cottage in Maine is the real hub of the novel.  I found it dragged a bit towards the end, but that might have been me -
sort of a restless reader this summer. 

Sister: A Novel was recommended to me by someone who reads BBTO and should really start her own blog because she reads a crazy amount of books - very quickly.  This novel is a psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns. The novel ends very differently than I had expected it to.

I really enjoyed a bundle of books by Kevin O'Brien.
I had never read anything by this mystery/thriller author before and I was surprised in a good way. The character development was great and there were a lot of twists and turns in the plot. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out "who did it" but this author kept me guessing.

I just finished reading Still Missing. It reminded me of the novel Room. It is a novel about a woman who was kidnapped and held captive by a man who raped and tormented her. If anyone has read this book I'd be interested in hearing what you thought of the ending.

And I finally got around to reading Water for Elephants. I enjoyed it but felt slightly let down after all the hype.  The best part for me was the way the novel ended.

What has everyone else been reading? Anything good?


  1. I just read about Maine in (of all places) People mag (getting my hair done). I'm going to Maine in a 2 weeks and I think I'm gonna download this book to get me in the mood.

    I'm gonna skip Still Missing; I couldn't put Room down but I found it a little too disturbing.

  2. Maine is the perfect book for Maine! Hope you have a great time!

  3. Hi! Still plugging away at the chick lit - it's just what I need this summer - when it's so hot, my brain is fried as well, and chick lit so far is the perfect antidote!

  4. That's great! I am so glad you stuck with it.
    Anyone who is interested in some good chick lit suggestions can check out your blog!